Good morning church.

*Psalm 100:4* – Enter his gates with thanksgiving; go into his courts with praise. Give thanks to him and praise his name.

• Thank God for the for the blessing of a new day, and the gift of life.

• Today, Give God quality praise – pick songs of your choice, sing, dance and thank him for his faithfulness from January to December – Remember life and blessings we enjoy is a privilege, give thanks.

• Name your thanksgiving and thank God for all He has done from January to December.

• Thank God for CDM and all its environs. We give thanks for the daily Grace and mercies we enjoy – the provision, protection, answered prayers, miracles, help, benefits, healing, signs and wonders etc. name them.

• Thank God for the earth is the Lord and its fullness.

• Thank God for General Overseers, Pastors, Faith Leaders, Presidents, Prime Ministers, Governors, MPs, Counsellors, and Leaders all over the world – we trust that the hand of God will be upon them all, and they will do God’s bidding – as we continue to pray without ceasing, God’s purpose will be established.

• Thank God that His faithfulness will last till the end of the year 2022 – our Divine Lifting will be complete, and we will be exceedingly glad.

• Thank God that strength will rise, as we wait on God with fasting and prayer for cleansing and newness.

• Thank the Lord that he is reigning in our midst –

Glory be to God in the Highest – Amen!

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